Friday, September 21, 2007


As my grandson says to me, "Yippee, Nana". So many young people have blogs and now I have one too!!!!!
My favorite sites were Avatar, Flickr, LibraryThing, and YouTube.
I found Rollyo, Technorati and to be more difficult but, through the kindness of my coworkers, I got help with the more complex steps of putting some of the site information into my blog.
The exercises were entertaining for sure, but mostly I furthered my professional knowledge in a big way. Thank you BCPL for giving me the opportunity to be exposed to what's out there in the world of new technological advances. I can now speak with more confidence to customers who are interested in these tools. Libraries are certainly relying less and less on print material. My future years working here will be easier knowing how to navigate electronically for information.

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